Commercial & Offices

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Commercial Refurbishment Merseyside

At A&B Services we specialise in the commercial refurbishment of a whole host of premises, including shops, retail outlets, showrooms and factories in the North West. Commercial refurbishment specialists A&B Services pride themselves on carrying out high quality work and working to strict deadlines.


In business it pays to make the right first impression. Imagine the situation – you walk into a store to see dilapidated floors, shabby walls and inadequate lighting/displays. Chances are you would walk out immediately. Would your staff be happy to work in such an environment?

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Business Refurbishments

A vibrant environment that is appropriately lit, at a comfortable temperature, has adequate sound proofing and is well decorated increases productivity of employees, not to mention encourages shoppers to stay inside for longer.


We pay the most exacting attention to detail in all of our refurbishment projects; everything from a fresh coat of paint and a bit of TLC to a comprehensive restructuring and refit.

For more information on our commercial refurbishment, office refurbishment and building maintenance please feel free to get in touch with a member of our friendly team. Call us 0151 345 4321